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marble export to america

Most of the marble producing countries in the world want to export billions of dollars to a marble importing country like America. The United States of America, which is at the forefront of most marble importing countries in the world, is an ideal export market… Read More »marble export to america

Turkish Marble Exporter- Dolomite- High Quality-Turkish Marble Best Price


Marble is a composition formed by the recrystallization of limestone and dolomitic limestones as a result of metamorphism. The main mineral in marbles consisting of aCO3 crystals is “Calcite”. Small amounts of silica, silica, feldspar, iron oxide, mica, fluorine and organic substances may also be… Read More »Marble

Turkis Marble Export Dolomite- High Quality-Best Price

Turkish Marble

Turkish Marble is located in Turkey, which is one of the countries with the richest natural stone reserves in the world due to its location. Because it is located in the Alpine-Himalayan Mountain Belt. It is operated by private mining enterprises by elite institutions with… Read More »Turkish Marble