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Who is Turkish Marble Exporter?

We are the Turkish Marble Company, which is aware of Turkey's underground resources and has a history full of success on this path. Due to the location of our country, we have set out on this road to have 40% of the marble reserves in the world and to promote Turkish Marble throughout the world and to support our country's economy. Turkish Marbles in the mines of our country are used in very valuable projects in all countries of the world.

White Marble -High Quality Marble gh QuWhite Marble -High Quality Marble

Why We Are Different

High Quality

As Turkish Marble, we are focused on quality thanks to its world-renowned and quality structure.


Turkish Marble is known around the world in terms of hardness and has proven itself in the fuze with the strength it receives from its mineral and quality structure.

High Mineral

Turkish Marble, which has made its mark on the world in terms of durability with its high mineral values