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Turkish Marble, which has become a world brand written in gold letters in the world, has an important share in the world. It was established to introduce Turkish Marble, which is in the world market and will continue to buy, to the world with high standards and to make itself known with solid steps with the self-confidence given by Turkish Marble.

Turkish Marble Export- Domalite- High Quality

Our Product

As Turkish Marble, which is a brand value that everyone knows in the world, our stones are well and materially composed of an educated structure. Regionally, Afyon is of the same quality as it is close to the provincial border. It has always been at the forefront with its high mineral value. Its high quality value is long-lasting and popular.

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About Our Mine

The mine is regionally located between the provincial borders of Afyon, Ankara and Eskişehir. Although it is close to the Afyon border, it is a mine registered in Sivrihisar district of Eskişehir province. Due to its location, it has the same characteristics with Afyon Marble. Our marbles, in general, have the structure of domalite marble stone as white colored marble.

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White Dolomite Turkish Marble is a Turkish marble company that is purchased at the most ideal and affordable price.


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